Expanding Access to Research Publications

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Expanding access to research publications

Report of the Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings – the Finch Group

The Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings (‘Finch Group’) was set up in October 2011 to examine how UK-funded research findings can be made more accessible.   This independent group was tasked with proposing a programme of action and make recommendations to government, research funders, publishers and other interested parties on how access to research findings and outcomes can be broadened for key audiences such as researchers, policy makers and the general public. The group completed its task in June 2012, and its report can be found at the link below 

The report of the Working Group chaired by Dame Janet Finch published on 18 June recommends a programme of action to enable more people to read and use the publications arising from research. Better, faster communication of research results will bring benefits for public services and for economic growth. It will also bring improved efficiency for researchers, and opportunities for more public engagement with research. The full report is available for downloading below, along with an executive summary.