German Law Journal

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The German Law Journal ranks in the top-15 of all journals concentrating on “foreign, European and civil law systems.” The success of this Open Access peer reviewed journal is due to the mix of timely, online, English-language, peer-reviewed  – and always at no cost – commentary on “developments in German, European and International Jurisprudence” to exemplify the possibilities of transnational law. GERMAN doesn’t mean that it is primarily focused on German law and culture, but rather “made Germany the prism through which the grander transnational law argument was advanced”. And it is a very important way to be informed about German developments in English. It celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2010 and the journal now attracts more than 2 million visits each year from nearly 1 million distinct IP addressess based in more than 60 countries.

German Law Journal - Ten

It is no surprise that with this profile the German Law Journal features many EUI alumni in its editorial board as its profile coincides closely to the profile of the research of the EUI Law Department. The journal is indexed in the EUI Library catalogue. Once you subscribe on the website you will receive an email alert  for every new issue. It is very easy to browse the past issues and past special issues dedicated to specific themes. It is also possible to search for specific keywords.

This journal is a must for every researcher, fellow or professor in the Law Department of the EUI!