Historical treaties online: 1648 – 1919

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The EUI Library has subscribed to Oxford Historical Treaties (OHT) , the full-text online version of the The Consolidated Treaty Series, the only comprehensive collection of treaties of all nations concluded from 1648 through 1919. Available via the Oxford Public International Law platform, OHT is cross-searchable with Oxford’s leading public international law resources and benefits from a modern, intuitive interface and sophisticated functionality.



Oxford Historical Treaties is on the same platform as Oxford Reports on International Law and the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International law, to which the Library subscibes. These public international law resources can be cross-searched. Oxford Law Citator  provides direct links between Oxford content and carefully selected third party websites.

Following on to the Oxford Historical Treaties, the freely accessible United Nations Treaty Collection  covers the multilateral treaties from 1920 up to the present. It includes the League of Nations Treaty Series (1920-1946, under development) and the United Nations Treaty Series (1946-2013).

In this way the EUI Library provides online access to all multilateral treaties from 1648 to the present.