How to install Zotero standalone

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Six months ago, the Zotero team launched the first official version of Zotero standalone, version  3.0 (for the version history of Zotero, see here). Since then, the Zotero users can choose between the traditional Firefox-plugin version and a version of Zotero that runs as separate programme in all of the main operating systems. Some who have been already using Zotero in its Firefox plugin version, now, might wonder how to install Zotero standalone and with it their existing Zotero library.

In this post, I describe how to install Zotero standalone on your computer.
This post has been written to help a mac-user and so it is based on the Mac operating system. The procedure, however, is very similar for Windows and Linux users, too. Moreover, a necessary precondition to using this mini guide is to already have a Zotero account synced with your own Zotero library.
1) First of all, download the installation file of Zotero standalone for your operating system here.
2) Then, double click on the installation file and follow the wizard installation procedure.
3) Once you have installed Zotero standalone, go to Zotero>Preferences>Sync.
4) Insert your account name and password.
5) Close the Preferences window and go back to Zotero.
6) After some seconds, your Zotero standalone should be synced with your library and you should be able to start to work with it