How to use Zotero with LyX

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One of Zotero’s best features is that anyone can contribute towards improving it and can add new functions by creating a third part. As the Zotero director, Sean Takats, reminded us, this is made possible due to Zotero being a free/libre open source soft­ware (FLOSS). This means, for instance, that any Zotero user with a certain amount of knowledge can try to integrate Zotero into his/her favorite word processor. That is what Petr Simon did when he created a Zotero plug-in allowing you to use Zotero with LyX in a more user friendly way than with the RTF-scan function of Zotero.

Here, you can download the plug-in and here, you can find some information on how to use it.
To install it in Zotero standalone:
1. Open Zotero standalone.
2. Go to Tools > Addons and click on the „mixer“ icon on top
3. Click „Install Add-on from file..“
4. Choose the downloaded lyz-2.1.4.xpi.