Hypotheses.org, scholarly blogging in the Social Sciences and Humanities: a workshop by Pierre Mounier (EHESS, Paris)

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Pierre Mounier, Teacher at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, EHESS (Paris, France) and Associate Director of the Center for open electronic publishing (Cléo) will teach two courses on Hypothèses.org at University of Pisa Wednesday 20 March 2013 and at the EUI the following day, Thursday 21 March. Both sessions will be free of charge.

The French academic blogging portal Hypothèses.org from 2012 has become European, with new language sections in German, Spanish and Portuguese. The challenge is now to open an Italian section of the Portal, Hypothèses.it and why not a federal European one like “hypothèses.eu” here at the EUI? What we would need is a server and somebody to maintain it and, of course scholars wishing to participate in such an active and variegate online community of scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities.

The workshop about Hypothèses.org will be organized at the EUI in cooperation with the University of Pisa, “Laboratorio di Cultura Digitale” together with the “Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Informatica Umanistica“. The first session will take place at the University of Pisa, “Dipartimento di Informatica” on 20 March. The video of the session in Pisa will be made available on both the Pisa University web site and also on the  iTunesUniversity platform.

These seminars are also organized with the support of the national Italian association for Digital Humanities, the Associazione Informatica Umanistica e Cultura Digitale.

openeditionsMounier will teach scholars how to create a scientific blog and enter the important discussion that is taking place in the USA ,-and not only,- about how to evaluate the scientific contents offered in academic blogs, a relatively new form of narrative and writing that many specialized scholars are choosing today to communicate with their public. They are looking at platforms like Hypothèses.org or, instead, they decide to open their own personal blog without the benefit of such an important scholarly context, a wider portal in the social sciences and humanities.

How to evaluate the scientific contents of the blog is a challenge in the academic environment today will be a key issue discussed in Pisa and Florence. But before that, everybody should be familiar with the Content Management System WordPress which is used by Pierre Mounier to show you how to proceed with the Hypothèses.org CMS. The organizers are hoping that many people will attend either the session in Pisa or the one in Florence and open their own blogs after this introduction by Pierre Mounier.


Pisa: “Dipartimento di Informatica”, University of Pisa, Aula Seminari EST, Largo Pontecorvo, 2.15 p.m. to 4 p.m, Wednesday 20 March 2013.

Fiesole (FI): Theatre, Badia Fiesolana, European University Institute, Via dei Roccettini 9, 50014 San Domenico di Fiesole, Florence., 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., Thursday 21 March 2013 (How to Reach the EUI & Map of EUI Campus)


During both workshops in Pisa and Florence, attendees will learn how to manage a blog on the Hypotheses.org platform and publish content using the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress used also for blogging activities at the European University Institute. Participants will be trained in the publishing workflow within the Hypothese.org environment.

  • Opening a blog, first settings.
  • Blog’s editorial objects.
  • Publishing simple content.
  • Advanced settings.
  • Publishing complex content (insertion of objects)

For more information please contact

  • to attend the session in Pisa, Enrica Salvatori (Email e.salvatori at mediev.unipi.it)
  • to attend the session in Florence, Serge Noiret (Email: serge.noiret at eui.eu & Phone: 055-4685348

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