Investor-State LawGuide

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The Investor-State LawGuide (ISLG) is an online  database for investment treaty law offering integrated and cross-referenced Research Tools. ISLG’s documents collection is divided into two parts:

  1. Dispute documents: includes all publicly available decisions, awards, procedural orders and pleadings where the subject of the claim is an alleged breach of an investment treaty obligation. The dispute document collection includes all NAFTA, ICSID and ad hoc disputes.
  2. Legal instruments: includes all instruments that are relevant to investment treaty arbitration. The collection of investment treaties is limited to all investment treaties that have been subject to arbitral consideration.

This database has been subscribed to by the EUI Library and you can access it through the catalogue. Once at the site, click on “Member Login” on the top right hand corner to access the database.


The database includes all  cases of international investment arbitration with different tools that allow for locating specific information of these cases/decisions/awards. For example, one of the tools is  the “subject navigator“: it allows you to pick a general topic, for instance “appointment of arbitrator” and easily locate in all existing investment arbitral awards where the question of “appointment of arbitrator” has been raised. The tool actually identifies the paragraphs of the decisions where the issue was discussed, creates links to other decisions that have referred to these paragraphs, and allows you to download these paragraphs.

Other databases available in the EUI Library, such as the Investment Arbitration Reporter  the  ICC Dispute Resolution Library and Transnational Dispute Management  offer access  to scholarly work in the field of investment arbitration, such as academic articles, reports, case commentaries. They are therefore an important complement to this resource.