IUSEXPLORER: new search interface for Giuffrè legal databases

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IUSExplorer is the new search engine of the Giuffrè legal databases giving integrated access to Italian legislation, case law, codes, regional laws, legal doctrine and the 42 legal journals the EUI Library subscribes to. The two former databases De Jure and Biblioteca Riviste have been merged into this single user-friendly platform which allows for a simple Google type searching.


Access to the database is through the catalogue. Once at the site you have to click on accesso per IP in the right-hand menu before you can start searching. Access is limited to three users at a time!  You may have to try later if somebody else is using the database. On the next screen you will see that the first three categories will turn bold, those to which the Library subscribes: DE JURE, MATERIE:PORTALI, RIVISTE.  You can select the categories of your interest and then do a search by keyword, author, citation.

Searching  for all case law, doctrine and articles written on the Lautsi case where the issue of the crucifix in public schools was discussed




A list of results will display  subdivided by type of resource: Giurisprudenza, Fonti Normative, Dottrina, Formulari, Bibliografi a, Riviste, With one search all court decisions, commentary and articles in journals are generated. It is possible to filter the search further and to display specific categories. Clicking on the short record the full-text will appear which can be downloaded or sent by email.