JournalTOCs: keep up to date with recently published ejournals

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JournalTOCs, accessible through the Library catalogue, covers about 28.000 academic electronic journals and provides the  table-of-contents of the most recently published issue of each journal. For the  2835 journals to which the EUI subscribes there is full-text access from the TOC. You will find a link to JournalTOCS from the e-journal in the catalogue. Every user can subscribe to individual  journals and receive email alerts for any newly published issue of these followed journals. You can also be updated with new publications of your  saved searches.

It is also possible search by subject or title across all the journal articles or  in all the EUI subscribed journals. Browsing can de done by subject or by the 1390 publishers included in the service. For the EUI subscribed journals there is a direct link to the full-text.


Users can sign in and personalize the service by selecting the journals of their interest. Of these followed journals they will receive an email alert for every new issue published. The EUI subscribed journals can be spotted by a green icon and for those journals there is direct access to the full-text of the relevant journal issue/article.


JournalTOCs is a very user-friendly service and allows you to remain up-to-date with the new issues of your personalised list of journals.