Law Collection more digital

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Many eBooks are now available in the Library’s law collection. After Oxford University Press, Springer, Cambridge and Brill, now also Hart eBooks published in 2017 can be accessed through the catalogue.

You can also find them in the Publication Finder.

This trend towards eBooks only applies to recent years. Most of the law books can still be found on the upper floor of the Library.

Legal journals and databases
In contrast, most of the legal journals are in electronic format. A continuous effort is being made to subscribe to non-English language e-journals.
National case law and legislation  are accessible online through the many legal databases the Library subscribes to: Beck, Juris, IusExplorer, Lex Polonica, LexisNexis JurisClasseur, Westlaw International and vLex. Check also the many databases on international law and dispute settlement, arbitration and trade law. For an overview of all these resources,  and the tools to search for legal materials, consult the Law Research Guide.

The profile of the law collection follows closely the research profile of the legal research at the EUI: ..”European and international in character, comparative in its approach and contextual in its methods”.