“Integration through law” Revisited

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Law IntegrationAbout 30 years ago the ‘Integration through Law’ project directed by Prof. Mauro Cappelletti, Monica Seccombe and Joseph Weiler, was taking place at the EUI. It was an attempt to make a comparison between and draw lessons from the American federal experience in the analysis of European integration. It resulted in the publication of seven volumes by Walter de Gruyter, the then institutional publisher of the EUI. It became a classic and a ‘school’ of EUI legal thinking, still cited in the literature.

‘Integration through Law’ Revisited: The Making of the European Polity edited by Daniel Augenstein is an attempt to conceptualize European legal integration today on the basis of the original project. The editor and most of the contributors have been at the EUI and have obtained their PhD here. The collection of contributions closes with an epilogue by Prof. Joseph Weiler, the only testimonial of the original project. The book will be in the new display area of the library from 16-30 April. Available in the Library Catalogue