Join us once again to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month!

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For the second year the Library has joined the Queer and Feminist Studies Interdisciplinary Working Group in a collaboration to bring Pride Month to the EUI.

June has gradually become Pride Month, a moment in the year to recognize the impact that LGBT+ people have had in the world, as the Stonewall Riots of June 1969 are commonly considered a watershed event in the history of gay life in the United States.

Pride Month is celebrated in many universities and libraries in the world. During these weeks we want to highlight and honour the impact that LGBT people have in the world. We also deem it important to celebrate and remember the social and political implications that the events connected to the the gay liberation movement, still being studied, have had in our society.

At the Library we’ve created a book list of academic resources from our collection, with books recommended by the LGBT+ Working group but also by the Library Information specialists.

The Library itself has been mapped with signs, highlighting the different sections where you can find books about relevant subjects for the campaign. And on the book display at the Library entrance, there will also be a selection of new acquisitions from the recommendations of the working group.

Empower your knowledge of LGBTQIA+ history and community this Pride Month. Everyone is welcome to participate and suggest changes and improvements!