Library adds 2016 UNIDO data to collection; with new platform interface

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The EUI Library has acquired UN Industrial Development Organisation Industrial Statistics to release 2016. The platform has also been redesigned. UNIDO provides harmonised industrial development statistics for 166 countries from 1963 to present. Via the new interface, EUI users can now access all UNIDO data in INDSTAT 2 (without accessing INDSTAT 4). MVA 2016 and CIP 2016 are also available. UNIDO INDSTAT2 industrial data are presented at the 2-digit level of the International Standard Industrial Classification of economic activities (manufacturing sector) comprising 23 industries.

UNIDO provides data by a single classification standard, presenting data for seven indicators: number of establishments; employment; wages and salaries; output; value added; gross fixed capital formation, and number of female employees.

EUI members can access the data as follows:

  • Go to the UNIDO link in the Catalogue
  • When the UNIDO homepage opens, go to ‘SELECTION’
  • Click ‘SELECTION’
  • Select data by (i) countries (ii) variables (iii) period and (iv) ISIC industrial classification (optional: click ‘View Data’)
  • Click ‘Download data’
  • A dialogue box appears, where users can select Excel or .csv or other download formats
  • Click OK when ready
  • A message will be shown: “Requested data is being prepared. Please do not close this window or Logout/Login. It can take several minutes.”
  • Click on the link to download requested data (after 15 minutes, download will expire)
  • Click on the link ‘here’ to download the file and store it in the desired location.
  • EUI users can access all UNIDO data in INDSTAT 2 (without accessing INDSTAT 4).

From the UNIDO site: “Value figures are presented in current prices. The database includes the index numbers of industrial production, which show the real growth of the volume of production by 2-digit of ISIC Rev.3.”