EUI Library Launches Research Data Survey. Closing date: 30 November

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The First EUI Research Data Survey has been launched. Professors, Researchers and Fellows have received the survey link by e-mail. We are interested in which kinds of data are being used at the EUI, and which kinds of data are being generated – both by individual researchers and teams. If you are part of a research team – please ask your project leader to also complete the survey. The closing date is 30 November. Thank you for participating!

The survey takes about eight minutes to complete. We are interested in both the kinds of data that are being used – and also the kinds of data that are being generated by EUI scholars. There will also be some questions about future data-sharing and data-preservation. Even if you are currently not using very much data – or if you only plan to do so in the future – we would really like to have your feedback. It will greatly help us to develop our Economic Data collection and our support services. (Those working with experimental data sets are also very welcome to participate.)

The EUI Library Data Services page is at this link.

The 2013 Research Data Guide is at this link.

The survey will be open until the 30th of November 2013.