Major Upgrade of Zenodo CERN inter-disciplinary open data repository

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Zenodo – the open data repository service maintained by CERN – announced the abolition of the 2GB file size limit on 13 September. The repository now accepts files of up to 50GB. The EUI Library has created an EUI data community in Zenodo. EUI members can submit data for inclusion by writing to [email protected]

Zenodo was launched in May 2013, providing services for finding, using and archiving research datasets in all academic disciplines. Full details of the September 2016 upgrade are on this Zenodo page.

Datasets can be located via the Zenodo Elasticsearch engine.

A digital object identifier (DOI) is automatically assigned to all Zenodo files, which can be uploaded in any file format. Data is stored in the CERN cloud infrastructure using the Invenio 3 architecture (September 2016 upgrade). For more details on how to assign metadata to research data sets before submission, please go the the Metadata section of the EUI Library Research Data Guide.


Zenodo is fully compliant with the open data requirements of Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation funding programme; and OpenAIRE, the EC-funded initiative in support of the OA policies of the European Union.

To have a dataset considered for inclusion in the EUI Zenodo Data Community, please write to [email protected]

Data should be the output of research work conducted by EUI members (Professors, Fellows, PhD researchers, Project Teams) during their tenure at the EUI. Datasets should have metadata (data about data) presented in a systematic way. Throughout research projects, it is important to keep an updated record describing data capture, use and elaboration. Datasets that are made available as open data should be the product of original research. Data outputs should be either (i) original data generated during the research project or (ii) data that is the product of significant, value-added elaboration of pre-existing data.

Further details are in the Data Preservation, Repositing and Open Data section of the EUI Library Research Data Guide.

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