New EUROLAB Data Mission Grants

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Social scientists working on socio-economic topics can apply for one-month funded missions to the GESIS data archive and library (Mannheim and Cologne). The closing date for applications is 15 October 2019, for visits to be undertaken any time in 2020. During their stay, visiting scholars will be assigned an individual workspace and can discuss data elaboration techniques with GESIS archive staff. Data and services are explained at this link.¬† Full details about how to apply are on this EUROLAB page…

The EUI Library Data Portal provides access to licensed macroeconomic, micro-socioeconomic and Europe-related databases. Researchers preparing visits to one of the two GESIS data infrastructures (Mannheim and Cologne) may wish to apply for EUI access to EU-AES, EU-LFS, EU-SILC or ECHP data prior to undertaking missions in 2020. These, and other, micro-socioeconomic datasets are described in the Micro Data Directory of the EUI Library Data Portal.

For assistance, write to [email protected]