New Eurostat Micro Data Access Application Procedure

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Eurostat has launched a new data access application procedure for micro data. From January 2017, EUI members should use the new Microdata Access Workflow Tool – which requires Principal Investigators to register via the EU Login authentication service.

The EUI Researcher – or Principal Investigator in a research team – should create an EU Login for the project application. (It is not necessary for all members of a research team to have a login.)

Before completing the online form, EUI members should consult the Eurostat micro data directory for details of the dataset required (eg. EU Adult Education Survey, EU Labour Force Survey, EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions). Datasets are listed in the left menu of the directory.

The Principal Researcher (Section 1.1) is normally the Project Supervisor / Professor. The names and contact details of all individual researchers must be included in the form. When completing Section 6 (on secure data environment) please write to [email protected] for assistance with the standard infrastructure security description.

After receipt of the micro data access application, the Eurostat technical unit may send comments to the Principal Investigator, requesting further information.

Eurostat sends a PDF version of the Research Application Form to the Principal Investigator of the project; to be signed by all members of the research team. The Principal Investigator should also send the PDF version for signature of the Information Specialist: [email protected]

All project participants complete a Confidentiality Declaration. Eurostat sends the application to the EU Member States’ statistical agencies. Please note that the Eurostat application process can take up to two months, due to clearing procedures with EU member state statistical agencies. The EUI is a Eurostat-recognised research entity.

If the application is approved, the applicants must also complete the online EUI Data Registration Form (selecting ‘EU-SILC’ from the drop-down menu) and sign the internal EUI Conditions of Use agreement. The Library then provides access to the data.

Eurostat informs that no other person is eligible to be part of the research project proposal. No other person can access the data. Breach of these conditions may lead to the withdrawal of the EUI’s research entity recognition and the potential loss of access to Eurostat micro data by other scholars at the EUI.

The EUI is a Eurostat-recognised research entity.