New Library Video and Welcome Page for Economists and Users of Statistical Data

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The new Economics & Data Collections’ YouTube Video is now live. Special thanks to Federica Signoriello. Viewing time is 2.5 minutes. The text – with links to the resources highlighted – is further below. The Library has also launched a Welcome page for new EUI economists and new EUI users of statistical data, with a list of presentations in August and September. We look forward to welcoming all new Researchers and Fellows to the EUI. Benvenuti alla Biblioteca dell’Istituto universitario europeo!

Text of new Economics & Data Collections’ video – with links to Library resources:

The EUI Library Economics Collection has particular strengths in macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics and statistical theory. There is a quickly growing eBooks’ collection – and  almost all of our world-class economics journals are available online.

These collections have been built up over four decades, in close collaboration with the EUI Economics Department. The EUI Library maintains an in-department collection of 500 heavily-used economics course texts and data manuals. The departmental collection and workspaces are accessible 24 hours per day with EUI card.

The Library’s Departmental support desk is open three afternoons per week – providing assistance with our statistical databases.  Books from the main Library can be requested for delivery to the Department.

The EUI Library Data Portal provides campus-wide access to premier international databases for research in

Our DeskTop Library also provides access to specialised economic reference works, bibliographical databases, and premier economic news resources.

The EUI Library provides personalised services in  support of data management planning; open data; and the new EUI ResData repository. We also provide assistance to EUI members uploading publications to the global Research Papers in Economics portal, RePEc.

Every Friday during term, users of the economics and data collections receive an e-Bulletin with updates about statistical data; a list of new books and eBooks; news about peer-reviewed journals; and information on how to use Library databases and internet resources for economic and socio-economic research.

For support, please write to [email protected]

Welcome to the EUI Library.  We look forward to supporting your research project.

Benvenuti alla Biblioteca dell’Istituto universitario europeo!

In the Departmental Garden, Villa La Fonte
Photo by Riccardo Mongiu