On “Introduction to Zotero 3.0” and awaiting “Advanced features of Zotero 3.0”

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“Introduction to Zotero 3.0” meeting, European University institute, villa Schifanoia, September 19, 2012.

Last Wednesday Serge Noiret introduced Zotero to the new researchers for the second time since the beginning of the new academic year (here you can download the slides of his presentation). The meeting was attended by a dozen enthusiastic researchers interested to know how to get the most out of Zotero. Many specific questions were raised and, although, I am sure, Serge did a great job in answering them, probably there are as many still waiting to be answered. To all those researchers who still have troubles using Zotero or want to know how they can make their Zotero perform at its best, I have two suggestions. The first is to contact me either by email ([email protected]) or feel free to come to talk with me in person when you see me around. The second is to attend the coming meeting “Advanced features of Zotero 3.0” (you can find out more about the course here) in which Serge and me will go much more in depth into several features of Zotero that we have not had the chance to deal with in the last two introductory meetings. If you have specific questions, please, email us in advance and then at the end of our presentation we might have the chance to deal with your particular requests.