So, what’s the news?

By on May 23, 2017

The EUI Library in 1976. Photo by Bruno R. Muscovich, Historical Archives of the European Union, EUI 687

Fake news has been much in the real news recently but what’s new about that? Fake news has been around as long as the other sort of news but what has changed are the circumstances in which it is transmitted, which have put the existence of conventional newspapers themselves under threat. The sales of news-papers […]

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Newsletter | Open Access

Open Access: why?

By on May 19, 2017

An Open Access publication is immediately and freely available online, to read, download, copy, print, disseminate or search. As a publicly-funded institute, our aim is to increase the proportion of research publications in Open Access. The EUI Open Access Policy encourages its members to facilitate the dissemination of their published research by depositing it with […]

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Economics & Data | General

New Library Economics Reference Directory

By on April 25, 2017
The EUI Library

The Library has launched a new directory of bibliographical databases, bibliographical software and reference works for economic literature and data science. The new directory is structured to provide synergies between online bibliographical databases and ‘traditional’ reference works and bibliographies. The new directory has the following structure:

  • Online bibliographies / finding literature in economics and statistical science (EconLit, Web of Science and RePEc, &c.)
  • Software for bibliography-building (EndNote, Zotero)
  • Major reference works in economics and statistical science (Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, North-Holland/Elsevier Handbooks, Oxford Dictionary of Economics, &c.)
  • EUI Library economics-related bibliographies (Bibliography of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis, Bibliography of the Euro and European Monetary Union &c.)

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