Postdoc Free Access Program from ScienceDirect available to EUI Alumni

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For scholars who recently received their PhD’s and currently do not have a research position, ScienceDirect is now offering unlimited complimentary access to all their journals and books on ScienceDirect, for up to 6 months. This program allows those who qualify to have access to scientific journals and books in their field.


  • Must be a postdoctoral researcher who has received a PhD (or equivalent) within in the past 10 years
  • Must have completed at least one recent postdoc position in the past three months or have a position that will be completed within three months

To find out if you qualify, click here.

This is a limited offer, the application period for ends on 15 December 2012.

EUI Alumni, when on-site, can also access subscribed ScienceDirect journals, as well as many other licensed databases.