Read any good books lately?

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Here at the Library we love books, so what’s new – have you ever met a librarian who doesn’t read? So, we decided to dip into the world of non-academic books whilst celebrating the wonderful diverse community of the EUI.

For the last couple of years we have embraced a Catalan tradition, that of Sant Jordi: on 23 April, since 1926, the people of Cataluña exchange books and roses, wonderfully combining love and literature. Isn’t it perfect that UNESCO declared this day World Book Day?World Book Day logo

In 2017 and 2018 we have handed out roses and celebrative bookmarks and pins to our Library users. And since the PhD researcher does not live by academic books alone, we have recorded and shared recommendations via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube of your favourite novels and poetry.

These book recommendations are given in many of the languages that we speak at the EUI – a bit of a headache to subtitle sometimes, but they’re really worth watching!

It would be great to get some more of your recommendations for 2019, which this year exceptionally we will celebrate on 24 April – please share your book love with us!

Be creative, and send us a picture, a video, a text, whatever you feel like, via our social media or write to [email protected]. We’ll share everything on 24 April.

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