Research Begins at Max Planck Sciences Po Center in Paris

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Culminating many years of collaboration in research and teaching between the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) in Cologne and Sciences Po in Paris, the Max Planck Sciences Po Center on Coping with Instability in Market Societies (MaxPo) will open its doors at Sciences Po on October 1, 2012. In jointly founding the Center, the MPIfG and Sciences Po, a university specializing in the humanities and social sciences, are taking a major step toward working together more closely. 

At MaxPo, they will investigate the impact of increasing liberalization, technological advances, and cultural change on industrialized Western societies. Sociologist Marion Fourcade and political scientist Cornelia Woll are the heads of the center. Along with a small group of internationally recruited junior researchers, they will examine the profound transformation of the industrialized world and analyze how individuals, families, organizations, and societal subsystems are coping with increasing instability. 

Funded in equal parts by the Max Planck Society and Sciences Po for the coming five years, the Center is a unique innovation in Franco-German collaboration in the social sciences and reflects the Max Planck Society’s aim to put its operations on an increasingly international footing.

MaxPo Profile (pdf)