What is the state of play of women in EU politics?

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, what is the state of play of women in EU politics? The European Parliament’s elections 2019 offer the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of women active in EU politics, highlighting the contribution women have already made and urging more women to get involved, both as voters and as candidates.

The EP Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) is focusing its International Women’s Day on an interparliamentary committee meeting on Women’s Power in Politics (webstreaming)

A number of resources are available on the representation of women in the EU parliament and governments:

  • EP Study on “Women in political decision-making in view of the next European elections”
  • A online tool (developed by EIGE, European Institute for gender equality) to support parliaments in assessing and monitoring gender-sensitivity in terms of their organisation and working procedures
  • Datasets and infographics by Eurostat on Women in EU Parliament and governments
  • EP resolution of 15 January 2019 on gender mainstreaming in the European Parliament
  • Women in parliaments (EP infographic)
  • Spotlight On Women In Politics, a blogpost by the European Parliamentary Research Service
  • EP Think Tank briefing: Women in politics: A global perspective