Statistical Data at the EUI: the Data Portal and the paper statistics archive

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The EUI Data Portal is now the primary source for statistical data resources at the EUI.  Paper series are still accessible – but have been moved to storage becuase of electronic availability. The EUI Data Portal gives access to 75 major statistical data resources. There are 43 macroeconomic and 32 micro-socioeconomic resources.  The number of open data resources in the Portal has also increased to 29. Full details of statistical data resources are on this Library page. A presentation of European Statistical data resources takes place in the Library training room at 13:30 on Wednesday, 27 November.

Macroeconomic databases provide statistics on national, regional and global economic developments. Data from all major providers is available; Thomson Reuters, World Bank, IMF, ECB, Eurostat, UN, OECD, WIIW and many others. Major international open data resources are also included in the Data Portal.

Micro-socioeconomic databases provide individual, household and firm-level statistical observations. The EUI collection includes data from major providers, including Eurostat, ICPSR, DIW, UKDS and many others.

Research Data Guide: In July 2013, the Library issued the first edition of a new Research Data Guide for EUI scholars who are working with research data – or who plan to do so in the future. The Guide covers data discovery, access and terms of use; content services and technical support; data management; describing datasets; preserving datasets, and open data.

Open Data: There is a growing trend among scholars, government agencies and international organisations to share data outputs, codebooks and software. EUI scholars are advised to carefully document their datasets throughout the research cycle and be aware of the need to preserve their data. Full details are in the EUI Research Data Guide. Research funding agencies increasingly require that project applications include a data management plan (DMP). The Library can advise on this.

Software manuals are available at the Badia Library and the Economics Departmental Library (Villa San Paolo) in the 001 to 005 shelfmark range. Online manuals are linked from this page. Books on Statistical Theory are located in the 500 range.

Data updates are announced in the weekly Library e-Bulletin.  To receive the Bulletin, send a sign-up mail to  [email protected].

European, EU and Eurozone statistical data resources are described and accessible via this EUI Library page.

Classification of the Statistical Data Collection: The EUI Statistical Data Collection is classified by international organisation, region/country and subject/theme. The classification combines the Statistics Europe framework (6th ed, LIB 016.314) and the Eurostat theme listing.

Statistics on Paper: Paper versions of statistical serial publications are held in the Library archive storage. Material can be requested for consultation by completing the Storage Request form in the Catalogue menu.

The Microform Collection on the ground (garden) floor of the Badia Library includes statistical components of general series; back issues of periodicals; international census publications; annual reports of central banks; publications from the League of Nations and early IMF, OECD and OEEC series. Selected volumes of historical statistics are located in the History Monographs Collection on the lower garden floor. For assistance, write to [email protected].

Statistics Reference Works: Major international statistical reference works are available at the EUI Library: Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences ENC 519.503 KOT; International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science ENC 519.503 LOV; Cambridge Dictionary of Statistics ENC 519.503 EVE; Index to International Statistics LIB 016.31 IND; The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics online and 330.03 NEW; Statistics Sources 016.31 ATT. The full list of statistics and economics reference works is at this link.

Terms and Conditions of Use: Access to EUI-hosted databases is restricted to current EUI members. Under the EUI Library’s license agreements for electronic resources, users may not:

  • Allow anyone other than an authorised user to use licensed materials
  • Modify or create a derivative work of the licensed materials without the permission of the licensor
  • Remove, obscure or modify any copyright or other proprietary notices included in the licensed materials
  • Use the licensed materials for commercial purposes
  • Systematically download, distribute, or retain substantial portions of information
  •  Additional details may be found in the Library Catalogue under the heading ‘Terms of Use’ and on the providers’ website or database.