Submit your publications and/or datasets to Cadmus

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The new edition of EUI Academic Publications and Data 2023 will cover the EUI community’s academic research produced between January and December 2023 and will be published at the beginning of next year. It will include only the research outputs cited in Cadmus, the EUI Research Repository.

Please make sure that all your academic publications and original research data are included in Cadmus by submitting the details no later than 31 January 2024. Directors of research projects should ensure that all project-related research outputs are also included. You should only submit publications and/or datasets that are not yet listed in Cadmus.

Please submit your publications and/or datasets to:

1.     Publications to [email protected]

2.     Datasets to [email protected]

The EUI supports the principle of Open Access and encourages scholars to disseminate their research via Cadmus – therefore please include the full-text PDF of publications where possible. We will assist you in checking which version is allowed. Also, remember to connect your ORCID to Cadmus so that your ORCID profile is automatically updated when a new publication is deposited in Cadmus.

This is a unique chance for all the members of the EUI academic community to make the EUI governing bodies fully aware of the extent of the research conducted at the Institute.

Since 2020 a special collection entitled ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’ was created in Cadmus. You are welcome to submit any COVID-19 related work to this collection, which hosts all types of published and recorded contributions (i.e. articles, blogposts, videos, podcasts, etc.). Other special collections are the State of the Union, Ukraine-related research and Conference on the Future of Europe. You may find non eligible types of work at the end of this page.

Last year we enhanced Cadmus with an audio & video streaming functionality. The policy for audio & video inclusion is here.

Thank you for making your research visible and open. Contribute to making your research matter!

If you have any questions and suggestions, please contact the Library Open Science Office at [email protected].