New York Times and Financial Times Publish Lists of Notable Books of 2015

The New York Times and The Financial Times have published lists of notable books published in 2015. The FT list is sectioned by category, including; economics, business, politics, history, science &c. The NYT list is sectioned by nonfiction and fiction. EUI members are reminded that it is possible to suggest books for acquisition by the Library. Please check the Library online Catalogue before suggesting a new title. From January 2016, EUI members will have premium access to the New York Times online. To join the premium online campus access to the Finanical Times online, EUI members should go to this Library page.

World Statistics Day 2015: European Union initiatives

UN World Statistics Day is 20 October 2015. Among many international events is the release of the new wave of World’s Women 2015: trends and statistics. European Union initiatives are explained in this Eurostat release. Director General of Eurostat, Dr. Walter Radermacher, said that “Modern democratic societies rely on a solid basis of reliable and objective statistics to function properly. Decision-makers at EU level, in Member States, in local governments and in business need statistics to make their decisions. But in a democracy all citizens need statistics, as they are essential to evaluate the performance of decision-makers. This is the invaluable role of European official statistics.” For research data support at the EUI, please visit the Data Services page. To arrange a data appointment, write to Thomas Bourke at [email protected]

Festival dell’Economia content now online

Video and audio from the 10th annual Festival dell’Economia is now available online. The Festival, held in Trento from 29 May to 2 June, brought together economists, policymakers, students and Nobel laureates to discuss economic trends and new directions in scholarly research. This year’s event also included panels organised by the Institute for New Economic Thinking Young Scholars Initiative. Among the 2015 participants were Anthony Atkinson, Giuseppe Bertola, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Tito Boeri, Gøsta Esping-Andersen, Luigi Guiso, Paul R. Krugman, Helga Nowotny, Pier Carlo Padoan, Roberto Perotti, Thomas Piketty, Dani Rodrik, Antonio Schizzerotto, Joseph E. Stiglitz and Ignazio Visco. Full details.

2015 IMF World Economic Outlook, with statistical data, published on 20 Janaury

The first IMF World Economic Outlook of 2015 was published, with data, on 20 January. Seven language versions are available. An info-graphic of main economic trends is available on this IMF page. Supporting data is available via the Data Mapper. The EUI Library maintains a directory explaining access to long-range IMF data series: Direction of Trade Statistics; Government Finance Statistics; International Financial Statistics and Balance of Payments Statistics. The IMF Financial Data Query tool is explained at this Library link. EUI members have access to the archive of (discontinued) IMF Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves data, via Datastream (Thomson Reuters).