Google Scholar Library launched with ‘MyLibrary’ bibliographical sort and store functions

Google has launched an enhancement of Google Scholar called Google Scholar Library. The new resource is an extension of Google Scholar services, providing tagging, document dossiers, storage for bibliographical references and (where available) full texts. EUI library-subscribed journals are accessible via the Google Scholar interface. Google software engineer, James Connor, introduces the new features in this posting.

Thomson Reuters announces release of new Web of Science for 12 January 2014

Thomson Reuters has pre-announced the launch of the new Web of Science interface for 12 January 2014. The EUI Library is testing the upgrade in the coming weeks. We would like to meet with small groups of users at the Library and the Economics Department for feedback. Those interested should write to [email protected]. Google and Thomson Reuters have launched a new bibliographical cross-linking initiative, which will be available in the new release. EUI members can enter the Web of Science database via this catalogue record.