2024 EUI Library Bibliography of Academia (16th ed)

The Library published the 16th annual edition of the Bibliography of Academia on 26 March. There are ten sections: 1. The young scholar, 2. Research methodology, 3. Academic writing and publication, 4. Data for research in the social sciences and humanities, 5. Presenting, teaching and supervising, 6. Open science, digital and artificial intelligence, 7. Science, education and society, 8. Copyright and data protection, 9. Academia in Europe and 10. University strategy and finance. The Library welcomes suggestions for new acquisitions via this online form.

Read any good books lately?

Here at the Library we love books, so what’s new – have you ever met a librarian who doesn’t read? So, we decided to dip into the world of non-academic books whilst celebrating the wonderful diverse community of the EUI. For the last couple of years we have embraced a Catalan tradition, that of Sant […]

EUI PhD theses often published as Books

Cadmus, the EUI research repository, collects EUI research output. Core collections are the EUI theses (PhDs and LLMs) and commercially published book version of the theses. 523 out of 2726 EUI Theses have been published as books. This corresponds to 20% of EUI theses. Browse through the book versions 574 out of 2726 EUI Theses are available […]

Economics Departmental Library opens at Villa La Fonte

The Economics Departmental Library relocated to the second floor of Villa La Fonte (VLF-035) on 23 August. The data support desk is open at the same location on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Due to heavy demand, books and manuals in the departmental collection may only be used at Villa La Fonte. eBook versions of titles in the collection are available via this index.

Report on Open Access Monograph Publishing Released by OAPEN-UK and JISC

The results of a five-year research project on open access book publishing in the social sciences and humanities were published by OAPEN-UK / JISC on 28 January. The project was funded by the Joint Systems Information Committee (JISC) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). “Led by Jisc Collections in collaboration with funders, researchers, publishers, learned societies, universities and libraries, the project has undertaken extensive qualitative and quantitative research in order to provide an evidence base to help stakeholders make informed decisions about transitioning to open access monograph publishing.” The full report is available at this OAPEN/JISC link.

New York Times and Financial Times Publish Lists of Notable Books of 2015

The New York Times and The Financial Times have published lists of notable books published in 2015. The FT list is sectioned by category, including; economics, business, politics, history, science &c. The NYT list is sectioned by nonfiction and fiction. EUI members are reminded that it is possible to suggest books for acquisition by the Library. Please check the Library online Catalogue before suggesting a new title. From January 2016, EUI members will have premium access to the New York Times online. To join the premium online campus access to the Finanical Times online, EUI members should go to this Library page.