EUI Library issues 27th edition of ‘Global Financial and Economic Crisis Bibliography’

The Library issued the 27th edition ‘Bibliography of the Global Financial & Economic Crisis’ on 25 March. All works are available in the Library. 23 new titles have been added since the November edition. Full publication details, and EUI shelfmarks, are in the Library Catalogue. EUI members are very welcome to suggest new books for acquisition: [email protected]. The Bibliography is sectioned as follows…

Turmoil in Europe – some reflections from Perry Anderson

TURMOIL IN EUROPE What longer-term political dynamics underlie the current dramas of the Eurozone? Notoriously, they pose stiff analytic problems, requiring attention both to the ongoing development of a supranational polity with no real precedent and to the varied trajectories of the—still—intractably national states it overarches. One attempt in this field has been Perry […]