New World Bank Subnational Population Database launched on 4 May

The World Bank has launched a new Subnational Population Database covering 1,350 provincial, state and regional sub-state units worldwide. The database can be used for research on population distribution, development, intra-regional migration and urbanisation. The Subnational Population Database contains time series “population estimates for 75 countries… from 2000 to 2014, and includes the total population numbers for each area and the shares relative to total national population estimates.” The World Bank provides this caution: “In constructing this dataset, one of the biggest challenges is handling the changing subnational boundaries. As a result, some subnational population estimates might not reflect the current first level administrative unit framework. The World Bank describe this database as a ‘work-in-progress’ and continue to incorporate more and better data as they become available.” Access the database via the left menu > World Bank > Subnational Population Database via this page.

EUI Library launches access to Factiva news database

EUI members now have access to the Factiva database of worldwide general and business news content. Factiva covers more than 28,000 resources from 159 countries in 22 languages. The database can be used to locate and export full-texts and abstracts. Quantitative news trend analysis can be performed on search returns, and a key-term frequency graphic is available at the upper left of the search returns’ screen. The free text search function, and Boolean Operators, are explained in this guide. The left menu allows the inclusion or exclusion of content by facet category: newspapers, newswires, industry publications, websites and company reports; by time period; and by language of content. Enter Factiva via this Catalogue link. An overview of the database is in the Guide to Factiva.

Report on access to law

The European Commission has issued a Report on Access to Law (2015/C 97/03 of 24.3.2015). This report gives an extensive description of  tools and platforms that have been developed to facilitate and extend access to law for citizens,   at Member State and EU level. The central database for EU law is EUR-Lex. The report discusses translations, EU […]

Westlaw International Search Guide

Did you find an article in Articles+ leading to Westlaw International? Are you looking for a journal in Westlaw International? The Westlaw International Search Guide explains it all. It explains you how to enter the database, how to search for the relevant journal and then for the specific article. It shows you how to search for title […]

Interested in the European Parliament’s studies?

Do you know the European Parliament Studies Database? The database contains the research papers produced by the European Parliament’s different research services, in particular studies and notes from policy departments as well as reports, briefing notes and assessments from the Impact Assessment and the European Added Value units and from STOA. These documents aim to […]

ProQuest platform maintenance 01 July 2012

The ProQuest database platform will undergo maintenance on Sunday 01 July 2012 to install the latest enhancements to the platform. Access to the following ProQuest databases will be unavailable on Sunday 01 July starting at 04:00 (Central/Western Europe summer time) for approximately twelve (12) hours: IBSS: International bibliography of the social sciences PRISMA: Publicaciones y […]