Upgraded EUI Library Banking Data Platform launched on 10 November: S&P Global Market Intelligence

The EUI Library now provides access to the upgraded and re-branded Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence data platform (replacing SNL Financial). This is the EUI’s premier resource for banking sector data. Preëxisting EUI usernames and passwords, profile settings, and alerts do not need to be changed. S&P Global Market Intelligence provides data on financial markets, banks and financial institutions worldwide. Coverage of the global banking sector includes financial statements, ownership information, market analysis, filings, mergers and acquisitions’ information and sectoral news. ctd…

Upgraded FT ePaper launched on 21 June: EUI premium access

EUI members have access to the newly upgraded FT ePaper from 21 June. The ePaper – an online facsimile of the paper version – has been enhanced with “offline access, without needing to download a pdf; pinch-and-zoom viewing, for easy reading on mobile devices; a streamlined contents menu, making it easy to choose and click on articles.” The EUI’s premium online subscription provides access to five regional editions, a news alerts’ service, economic calendar and headline data. The full list of premium services is on this page. EUI members who have not joined the Library subscription can do so via this Catalogue record. Details of EUI subscriptions to economic news resources, and digital archives, are on the EUI Library Economic News Directory.

New Budget and Economic Data Portal launched by U.S. Congressional Budget Office

The U.S. Congressional Budget Office, launched a new budget and economic data portal on 1 February. The new resource provides a one-stop entry-point to the CBO’s key budget and economic projections. Founded in 1975, the CBO produces “independent analyses of budgetary and economic issues to support the Congressional budget process.” The new online resource provides links to core budget data and supplemental material, including Excel spreadsheets of economic projections and the CBO Long-Term Budget Outlook report. EUI members can access macroeconomic statistical data via the Data Portal.

New ‘Browse by Subject’ feature launched by Federal Reserve for Economic Historical Research

The U.S. Federal Reserve announced the upgrade of the FRASER digital archive of economic, financial and banking historical resources on 7 January. Historical records can now be browsed by over 1,000 subject-heads, such as monetary policy, business cycles, industrial production &c. Earlier this year, FRASER was upgraded with a new tool for downloading metadata in XML and JSON, a new PDF viewer with page-specific linking, and a new citation export function compatible with Zotero. Users of FRASER may also be interested in the FRED economic data portal and the GGDC Economic Historical Data directory. For access to statistical data at the EUI, please see this Library page.