EUI Library issues 33rd edition ‘Bibliography of the Global Financial Crisis’ on 14 January

The 33rd edition of the EUI Library Bibliography of the Global Financial & Economic Crisis was issued on 14 January. All works are available in the Library. 38 new titles have been added since the September edition. Full publication details with shelfmarks, are in the Catalogue. The Library also maintains a Eurozone Information Directory with a bibliography on European Monetary Union. The Library welcomes suggestions for new acquisitions. The 33rd edition of the Global Financial & Economic Crisis Bibliography is sectioned as follows…

10th anniversary issue of Library Economics & Statistical Data e-Bulletin on 8 November

The 10th anniversary issue of the weekly Library e-Bulletin on economic resources and statistical data was circulated on Friday, 8 November (no.391). The e-Bulletin – first issued on 7 November 2003 – provides updates on statistical data, new books and resources for economic and socio-economic research. Sign up with an account via [email protected]. Read a public version synopsis of the e-Bulletin here…

Current Historiographical Research at the European University Institute

The Open Access e-journal Zeitenblicke 12 (2013), Nr. 1, is an interesting issue -based on interviews organised by EUI Ph.D. researchers and also single essays- dealing with the research community and activities in the History and Civilisation Department at the European University Institute (EUI). These essays and interviews are showcasing  and informing about the many […]

Report on the session “Advanced features of Zotero 3.0”

On October 31, I lead the session of the Atelier Multimédia on the advance features of Zotero. Along with about ten participants , we discussed how to get the most out of Zotero. These are the topics touched during the session:  Cite-when-you-write function Timeline  Zotero Maps Tips and Tricks  Managing more than one Zotero library  […]