European Council

European Council Calls for Open Access to Scientific Articles by 2020, and an ‘Open Science’ System

On 27 May EU ministers of science, innovation and industry agreed to support “a transition to immediate open access as the default by 2020.” Conclusions of the meeting – which took place in the context of the EU Competitiveness Council – were published as The Transition Towards an Open Science System on 27 May. At a press conference following the meeting, Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation said the result of the meeting was an “amazing achievement” by the Dutch Presidency of the Council which agreed “to further promote the mainstreaming of open access to scientific publications by continuing to support a transition to immediate open access as the default by 2020, using the various models possible and in a cost-effective way, without embargoes or with as short as possible embargoes, and without financial and legal barriers.” [Full text]

European Council 28/29 June 2012

Economic policy will be the focus of the June European Council, while foreign policy, enlargement and other international issues are also on the agenda. President Barroso will outline his vision for a banking union for the European Union. This will help to protect taxpayers’ money and ensure the same level of supervision for all EU […]