European Parliament

Europe Daily Bulletin (English version, 1979-1999) now available online

The EUI Library is pleased to announce the end of the first part of the digitisation project of Agence Europe Daily Bulletin, 1979-1999, in English. The second part of the digitisation of Europe Bulletin Quotidien in French covering the years 1953-1999 will be available in 2019. In July 2018, Agence Europe and the European University […]

Ten things you need to know about the European Parliament and the upcoming elections

“The European Parliament exists for the benefit of all European citizens. As our society evolves and changes with the times, so too must the way in which we face up to the challenges and obstacles ahead. We need a clear, pro-active approach to solving issues like unemployment and competitiveness, and making decisions that will have lasting positive benefits for generations to come” (European Parliament website, 2013).

Interested in the European Parliament’s studies?

Do you know the European Parliament Studies Database? The database contains the research papers produced by the European Parliament’s different research services, in particular studies and notes from policy departments as well as reports, briefing notes and assessments from the Impact Assessment and the European Added Value units and from STOA. These documents aim to […]