Launch of 2016 edition of European Language Social Science Thesaurus

The Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA) has launched an updated version of the online European Language Social Science Thesaurus. ELSST facilitates the translation of social science data terms in 12 languages: Danish, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish, and Swedish. The search tool at the upper right of the ELSST homepage allows users to retrieve translations of terms such as ‘probability theory’, ‘labour force’ &c.

New European Data Portal launched to enhance access to public-sector open datasets in 34 countries

The European Commission launched the European Data Portal (beta version) with access to 250,000 public-sector open datasets on 25 November. The new portal harvests metadata from 34 European countries (28 EU member states, EEA, Switzerland and countries in the EU Neighbourhood Policy programme) sourced from national, regional, local or domain-specific public data providers. The Eurovoc Thesaurus allows multilingual searching by data category. Online training materials are provided – with detailed information on data access, sharing and ownership. The portal provides an advanced search function for the discovery of public open data by geographical location. The European Data Portal is developed by the European Commission and partners: Capgemini, INTRASOFT International, Fraunhofer Fokus, con terra, Sogeti, the Open Data Institute, Time.Lex and the University of Southampton. The EC invites feedback on the beta version via this form. Details of access to data at the EUI are on this Library page.

Library launches access to new European Capital Markets Institute (ECMI) database

The EUI Library launched access to the ECMI (European Capital Markets Institute) database on 10 June. ECMI contains statistics on European and global capital markets, including disaggregated data on equity markets and MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) statistics for pan-European and national equity markets. The database is structured in eight primary sections, each with multiple sub-divisions: 1. Equity Market, 2. Debt Securities Market, 3. Exchange-traded Derivative Market, 4. Over-the-Counter Derivative Market, 5. Asset Management, 6. Gross Domestic Product, 7. Exchange Rates, and 8. Global Comparative Data. Access is via library server, restricted to EUI members. Full details.

European Social Survey round 8: call for multi-national academic research teams

In preparation for the new round of the European Social Survey, academic research teams can apply to design ESS questionnaire modules. Full details are on this ESS page. “Two academically-led teams will be selected, each of which will be awarded a module of up to 30 items.” The EUI Library maintains resource pages for ESS and other international surveys including Eurobarometer; European Values Study, and World Values Survey.

Expanded data coverage of European sub-state regions from Cambridge Econometrics

The Library has received four new data indicators in the expanded Cambridge Econometrics European Regional Database: (i) compensation of employees; (ii) gross fixed capital formation; (iii) capital Stocks and (iv) sub-state GDP. The European Regional Database contains multiple indicators for analysing European regional growth, convergence and competitiveness. Full details are on the Library’s ERD resource page.