ECB announces sovereign bond purchase programme, to commence in March 2015

The ECB has announced a Euro area sovereign bond purchase programme (‘quantitative easing’) of €60bn per month, to run from March 2015 to September 2016. The text of ECB President Draghi’s presentation is on this ECB page. A webcast of Thursday’s press conference is at this link. The programme includes sovereign debt, asset-backed securities and covered bonds. The European Central Bank publishes Monthly Bulletins, Financial Stability Reviews and regular alerts for new publications and policy positions. The EUI Library maintains a Eurozone resource page, with bibliography and a Eurozone/European Union statistical data directory.

New OECD Economic Survey of the Euro Area

The 2014 Economic Survey of the Euro Area has been published by the OECD with supporting data. EUI members have access to all OECD statistical databases from 1960 to present via the OECD iLibrary. The EUI Euro area resource directory, and the Euro Bibliography, are on this Library page. The European statistical data resources directory gives access to a comprehensive range of offical and non-official statistical data for the Euro area, the EU and Europe on this Library page.

New European Commission / Eurostat guide to Eurozone fiscal data calculations

On 23 April the European Commission issued an online guide explaining the procedure for assessing whether Eurozone member states’ deficits comply with European Union legislation. The guide, available on the Eurozone Portal, explains the excessive deficit procedure, the calendar for publication of data and the validation of data from the member states. Related resources are accessible via the Library’s Eurozone Data Directory and the Euro information page.

ECB and European Systemic Risk Board release new wave of ‘Risk Dashboard’ data

The European Systemic Risk Board, based at the European Central Bank, released new quantitative risk indicators for the EU financial system on 27 March. Data is available via the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse. Use the left menu to access these risk categories: 1. Interlinkages and composite measures of systemic risk 2. Macro risk 3. Credit risk 4. Funding & Liquidity 5. Market risk and, 6. Profitability and Solvency. The EUI Library ECB Data Resources page introduces other ECB data series. The Library’s EU & Eurozone data directory provides access to a broad range of official and non-official European data. The Library’s Euro resources directory provides access to online publications on the Eurozone and a bibliography of books related to the crisis.

EUI Library Bibliography of the writings of Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa

The Library maintains a Bibliography of the works of Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (1940-2010) an influential figure in the history of European monetary integration. The Library also provides a Euro Information Resources Directory and a Eurozone Statistics Index. There will be an introduction to European, EU and Eurozone data on Wednesday, 26 September, at 13:30 in room 4 at the Badia Fiesolana. All are welcome.