Library Data Resources: Data Protection and Ethical Use

At a time when the EUI Library is providing unprecedented off-campus access to data resources – we remind users of their obligations regarding data protection and ethical use. EUI users may not distribute, or allow any other party to have access to data which is provided under Library license. Special terms and conditions apply to the use of micro-socioeconomic and qualitative data. This reflects the sensitive nature of observations about human subjects, families and households. Such terms and conditions apply to (i) data hosted by the Library for EUI members (ii) data gathered and used during research projects, and (iii) data provided directly to EUI members under third-party license. Terms and conditions of access and use for all datasets hosted by the Library, are provided in the ‘full details’ section of the individual resource guides in the Library’s Data Portal. Access to, and use of, databases provided by the EUI Library are subject to contractual license agreements and copyright terms. Full details are on the Library’s Terms and Conditions page. [ctd.]

Upgraded EUI Library Banking Data Platform launched on 10 November: S&P Global Market Intelligence

The EUI Library now provides access to the upgraded and re-branded Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence data platform (replacing SNL Financial). This is the EUI’s premier resource for banking sector data. Preëxisting EUI usernames and passwords, profile settings, and alerts do not need to be changed. S&P Global Market Intelligence provides data on financial markets, banks and financial institutions worldwide. Coverage of the global banking sector includes financial statements, ownership information, market analysis, filings, mergers and acquisitions’ information and sectoral news. ctd…

EUI Library launches access to Banking Data from S&P’s SNL Financial

SNL Financial provides data on approximately 29,000 banking institutions worldwide. Ownership information; financial statements; market analysis; filings; maps of bank locations; mergers and acquisitions information; and financial sector news and alerts are provided. An Excel add-in can be used for the selection and elaboration of data variables, geographical coverage and time series. SNL Financial is published by Standard and Poors.

32nd edition of EUI Library ‘Bibliography of the Global Financial Crisis’ issued on 15 September

The 32nd edition of the EUI Library Bibliography of the Global Financial & Economic Crisis was issued on 15 September – the seventh anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. All works are available in the Library. 19 new titles have been added since the May 2015 edition. Full publication details, and EUI shelfmarks, are in the Library Catalogue. EUI members are very welcome to suggest new books for acquisition, by writing to [email protected]. The Bibliography is sectioned as follows…

IMF data available via new online portal

IMF data is now available online via the IMF eLibrary. Series include: Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS), Government Finance Statistics (GFS), International Finance Statistics (IFS) and Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS). IMF data guides are on this web page. The EUI Library also provides access to selected IMF data on CD-rom. To access the online versions of IMF data series, create a personal account when the platform opens. Users of the IMF platform must sign in at the ‘My Data’ section to be able to download. It is then possible to retrieve downloaded data by clicking on the green ‘More’ button under ‘My Data’ and selecting ‘Downloads’ on the left side. Full details are on this EUI Library page.