Google Scholar

Impact Challenge: Day 2 – Create a Google Scholar profile

Welcome to day 2 of the Impact Challenge! Today we ask you to create a profile in Google Scholar to track your citations. What is Google Scholar? Google Scholar is the Google initiative to track and index research publications globally and across all disciplines. Similar to the Google main search engine, Google Scholar provides means […]

Growing impact of ‘non-elite’ journals

Dr. Anurag Acharya and six Google Scholar co-authors have published an analysis of scholarly journals’ usage from 1995-2013, using bibliometric data from Google Scholar. The paper, ‘Rise of the Rest: the growing impact of non-elite journals’ is available online. The authors conclude that “… the fraction of highly-cited articles published in non-elite journals increased steadily over 1995-2013… [and that] finding and reading relevant articles in non-elite journals is about as easy as finding and reading articles in elite journals, researchers are increasingly building on and citing work published everywhere.”

New Google Scholar-Web of Science reciprocal searching initiative for scholarly content

The Web of Science bibliographical database is now cross-indexed with Google Scholar. The new initiative allows users to project the same search terms from Web of Science to Google Scholar – locating full text where available. Users can also move quickly from Google Scholar to the Web of Science database for citation data, bibliographical records and related publications. Enter the Web of Science via the Library catalogue (EUI members). Enter Google Scholar via this link. Full details.