“Right to be forgotten” vs Google before the ECJ

Google has lost a landmark case over the limits of data privacy in Europe, being obliged to remove personal information appearing on its search engine servers under certain circumstances. The European Court of Justice ruled in Google v Spain that  Google is responsible for the material processed on its servers and stated that it must […]

Google Scholar Library launched with ‘MyLibrary’ bibliographical sort and store functions

Google has launched an enhancement of Google Scholar called Google Scholar Library. The new resource is an extension of Google Scholar services, providing tagging, document dossiers, storage for bibliographical references and (where available) full texts. EUI library-subscribed journals are accessible via the Google Scholar interface. Google software engineer, James Connor, introduces the new features in this posting.

U.S. Federal Judge rules in favour of Google Books project. American Library Assoc. applauds.

On 14 November, the New York District Court found that Google’s scanning of library collections falls under ‘fair use’ and is a valuable service for scholars, libraries and the public. [Full text of the ruling here.] The American Library Association issued a news release stating that the ruling “furthers the purpose of copyright by recognizing that Google’s Book search is a transformative fair use that advances research and learning.” The Authors Guild plans to appeal the ruling. The Google Books site is here.

What to do after Google Reader closed down?

Did you forget to export your data before Google Reader shut down definitively back on July 1? Don’t worry, it’s not too late to save your data. It’s still possible to export your data and import it in another RSS reader. The following suggests one potential strategy to gain access to all your Google Reader […]