Effective Roma integration measures in the Member States

9.12.2013: The Council of the EU adopted a recommendation for effective Roma integration measures in member states. The recommendation aims to provide guidance to member states in enhancing the effectiveness of their measures to achieve Roma integration and to strengthen the implementation of their national strategies. The EUI Library holds several primary and secondary resources […]

New EUI-Wharton e-book on Eurozone political, fiscal and banking union

The proceedings of a 2013 EUI conference on the Eurozone are now available as an e-book. Political, fiscal and banking union in the Eurozone? is edited by Franklin Allen, Elena Carletti and Joanna Gray with contributions by Edmond Alphandéry, Tony Barber, Andrea Enria, Luis Garicano, Daniel Gros, Mitu Gulati, Richard J. Herring, Robert P. Inman, Jan Pieter Krahnen, Mattias Kumm, Peter L. Lindseth, Patrick O’Callaghan, Richard Parker, Hélène Rey and Philip Wood. Two paper copies are available at the Badia Library and one copy at the Villa San Paolo Economics Library at shelfmark 332.494.

“Integration through law” Revisited

About 30 years ago the ‘Integration through Law’ project directed by Prof. Mauro Cappelletti, Monica Seccombe and Joseph Weiler, was taking place at the EUI. It was an attempt to make a comparison between and draw lessons from the American federal experience…