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“Free the Law” : Open Access to all US case law

Harvard Law School is digitilizing their own collection of 200 years of US case law which will be made available online for free. The documents  are digitilized and uploaded on Ravel Law, a legal research and analytics platform. The project called ‘Free the Law‘ will be completed and go live in 2017 coinciding with the 200th anniversary […]

IUSEXPLORER: new search interface for Giuffrè legal databases

IUSExplorer is the new search engine of the Giuffrè legal databases giving integrated access to Italian legislation, case law, codes, regional laws, legal doctrine and the 42 legal journals the EUI Library subscribes to. The two former databases De Jure and Biblioteca Riviste have been merged into this single user-friendly platform which allows for a […]

What is the difference between Lexis Nexis and Westlaw International?

The Library subscribes to both LexisNexis Academic and Westlaw International, two very large databases with a great deal of overlap. They are basically containers of many searchable databases. Their first/original purpose is to provide the full-text of Anglo-American law, both legislation and case law, going back centuries . They also provide both full-text access to […]