2022 Library ‘Research Data Guide’

The 10th edition of the EUI Library Research Data Guide was published on the 12th of April, providing information about Library support for (i) data discovery (ii) data use and (iii) data preservation and sharing. There are ten sections: 1. Data discovery and the EUI Library Data Portal; 2. Data generation, data protection, data processing and ethical use; 3. Data management plans; 4. Research data management in Horizon Europe, ERC and other EU programmes; 5. Managing data during the research project cycle; 6. Repositing and preserving data in the EUI research repository Cadmus; 7. Open Data and Open Science; 8. Qualitative data and ancillary materials in the humanities and social sciences; 9. EUI infrastructure, software, protocols and support and; 10. International research data guidelines. Read the PDF or the hyperlinked version.

The New EUI Data Repository: a solution for archiving and sharing research data

The new EUI ResData repository was launched at the Library’s open access roundtable in October 2017 and already hosts twelve substantial EUI research datasets. ResData provides EUI scholars with a sustainable solution for archiving research datasets, and supports the European Union’s mandate that – where possible – research data outputs be openly shared. Open data – a key pillar of open science – refers to the trend among scholars, government agencies and international organisations to share datasets, codebooks and software via the internet.

InterLibrary loans statistics

When the Library doesn’t have the books that someone needs and it’s not possible to buy them (mostly when books are out of print), InterLibrary loans come to the rescue. EUI members may request up to 80 InterLibrary loans a year. The colleagues in charge of InterLibrary loans (or ILLs) are very busy all year round […]

Upgrade of EUI Data Portal

The EUI Library Data Portal was upgraded with a new tabular structure and two new resource guides on 12 September. The Data Portal is a one-stop index to licensed and open data resources for economic, social, political economic and economic historical research.

The Portal was presented at the Badia Fiesolana, on Tuesday, 13 September. EUI members who would like to receive the PPT should write to [email protected]

OCLC Report: ‘The Library in the Life of the User: engaging with people where they live and learn’

Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) has issued a report on The Library in the Life of the User: engaging with people where they live and learn, brining together the results of research on user behavior and presenting “findings that articulate the need for the design of future library services to be all about the user.” Research was undertaken by OCLC, Ohio State University, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, University of North Carolina Charlotte, JISC (UK) and Oxford University. PDF version.