So, what’s the news?

Fake news has been much in the real news recently but what’s new about that? Fake news has been around as long as the other sort of news but what has changed are the circumstances in which it is transmitted, which have put the existence of conventional newspapers themselves under threat. The sales of news-papers […]

Upgraded FT ePaper launched on 21 June: EUI premium access

EUI members have access to the newly upgraded FT ePaper from 21 June. The ePaper – an online facsimile of the paper version – has been enhanced with “offline access, without needing to download a pdf; pinch-and-zoom viewing, for easy reading on mobile devices; a streamlined contents menu, making it easy to choose and click on articles.” The EUI’s premium online subscription provides access to five regional editions, a news alerts’ service, economic calendar and headline data. The full list of premium services is on this page. EUI members who have not joined the Library subscription can do so via this Catalogue record. Details of EUI subscriptions to economic news resources, and digital archives, are on the EUI Library Economic News Directory.

EUI Library launches access to Factiva news database

EUI members now have access to the Factiva database of worldwide general and business news content. Factiva covers more than 28,000 resources from 159 countries in 22 languages. The database can be used to locate and export full-texts and abstracts. Quantitative news trend analysis can be performed on search returns, and a key-term frequency graphic is available at the upper left of the search returns’ screen. The free text search function, and Boolean Operators, are explained in this guide. The left menu allows the inclusion or exclusion of content by facet category: newspapers, newswires, industry publications, websites and company reports; by time period; and by language of content. Enter Factiva via this Catalogue link. An overview of the database is in the Guide to Factiva.

Keesing’s World News Archive since 1931

Keesing’s World News Archive records the world’s most significant political, social and economic events from 1931 to present, incorporating the content of Keesing’s Record of World Events (issued in print). Events covered include elections and changes of government; wars, treaties, appointments, and diplomacy; terrorism and issues of internal security; legislation, budgets, economic developments and international […]

Financial Times 125th anniversary: EUI premium online subscription to all editions and mobile

The FT celebrated 125 years on 13 February 2013. EUI members have access to online premium content, e-alerts and the full on-screen e-paper, covering five international editions. Join the Library subscription here. A searchable archive – 1980 to 2012 – is in LexisNexis Academic. A microforms archive – 1945 to 2012 – is available on the lower floor of the Badia Library. A presentation of Economic News Sources and Databases takes place in the Library training room on Tuesday, 5 March at 13:30.