Welcome to #LibJab, the Library newsletter

You are reading the first edition of the new EUI Library newsletter, #LibJab. #LibJab has an intentionally hybrid nature that allows a conversation between the Library and its users. Every item appearing in print can be found in the Library blog, where we encourage you to leave your comments. This will help us to better […]

UK Data Service launches new Quarterly Newsletter

The UK Data Service launched a new Newsletter on 28 October, providing “a quarterly round-up of latest news, features, data releases, forthcoming data and events.” The Autumn 2015 edition describes new UKDS web features, updates from the Young Lives project, data platform ICT developments, a new survey data guide and an overview of the Discover data search engine. The UK Data Service and archive, is a large-scale repository of social science and economic data. EUI members should read the special access procedures for non-UK based researchers on this Library page.