New York Times International upgrade: EUI premium subscription

The New York Times International is the new title of the newspaper from 12 October. The paper version – available at the Badia cafĂ©, Villa la Fonte and other campus locations – now carries an opinion piece on the front page “as well as expanded coverage of culture, travel and technology.” EUI members can also join the Library’s premium digital NYT subscription via this Catalogue record. From 12 October the domestic and international digital editions are merged. New tailored briefing services for Europe and Asia are due to be announced shortly.

EUI Library launches multi-device access to premium online International New York Times

EUI members can now join the Library’s new premium subscription to the International New York Times. Create a login (using an EUI mail account) by following the instructions in this Catalogue record. The one-time registration must be done while on-campus. All International New York Times content can be accessed via tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices, after registration. The iNYT premium subscription includes the U.S. (national) edition and all web site news content, data graphics, multi-media and former International Herald Tribune content. Archival coverage is from 1851 to present (see full details below). EUI members joining the Library subscription can also sign up for email newsletters, news digests, topic alerts, and use the ‘saved item’ dossiers. Full details.

New York Times and Financial Times Publish Lists of Notable Books of 2015

The New York Times and The Financial Times have published lists of notable books published in 2015. The FT list is sectioned by category, including; economics, business, politics, history, science &c. The NYT list is sectioned by nonfiction and fiction. EUI members are reminded that it is possible to suggest books for acquisition by the Library. Please check the Library online Catalogue before suggesting a new title. From January 2016, EUI members will have premium access to the New York Times online. To join the premium online campus access to the Finanical Times online, EUI members should go to this Library page.