European Union launches Open Science Policy Platform at Amsterdam conference

At an EU Open Science Conference on 4 April, the EC Directorate-General for Research and Innovation announced the setting up of a new Open Science Policy Platform. The composition of the high-level advisory group will be announced in May. The purpose of the group is to advise the EC on how to formulate and implement open science policy in the European Union. Details of the Amsterdam conference are at this link. Supporting documentation on EU open science strategy is on this DG Research and Innovation page. In February 2016, the European Commission also published a report on Validation of the Results of the Public Consultation on Science 2.0: Science in Transition.

Scholars invited to partner MEPs on EU policy-making

The European Parliament invites economists, social scientists, lawyers and other scholars to apply for the MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme organised by the EP office for Science and Technology Options Assessment. STOA is part of the DG European Parliamentary Research Service. Scholars working on topics of relevance to EU science and technology policymaking – and the impact of policies on European society – are welcome to apply by the 31st of July. Examples of recent initiatives are on the STOA publications’ directory.