Google Dataset Search (beta) now live

Google launched a new search tool for open data on 5 September. Google Dataset Search (beta) helps find open datasets and data series – by searching data repositories worldwide. The new resource searches both open public data repositories (governments; international organisations) and open research data repositories (universities, research institutions). Full details of the new search tool are in the Google Blog¬†and this video. Dataset Search is developed by Google’s AI research division. For access to licensed, statistical datasets at the EUI, visit the Library’s Data Portal.

Cadmus 1st Rank in Italy

Cadmus, the EUI Repository, is first in Italy in the international repository ranking. More details and statistics are available in this blog post.

How can researchers make their outputs visible?

Ross Mounce, Community Coordinator for Open Science at the Open Knowledge Foundation, explains how to ensure discoverable access to research outputs. He highlights the metadata power of institutional repositories and other services like Zenodo. With a combination of preprint & postprint postings, it is easy to make your research freely available.