ECB and European Systemic Risk Board release new wave of ‘Risk Dashboard’ data

The European Systemic Risk Board, based at the European Central Bank, released new quantitative risk indicators for the EU financial system on 27 March. Data is available via the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse. Use the left menu to access these risk categories: 1. Interlinkages and composite measures of systemic risk 2. Macro risk 3. Credit risk 4. Funding & Liquidity 5. Market risk and, 6. Profitability and Solvency. The EUI Library ECB Data Resources page introduces other ECB data series. The Library’s EU & Eurozone data directory provides access to a broad range of official and non-official European data. The Library’s Euro resources directory provides access to online publications on the Eurozone and a bibliography of books related to the crisis.

International Country Risk Guide – ICRG

International Country Risk Guide – ICRG  The ICRG provides current risk ratings and composite risk forecasts for 140 countries worldwide.  Current risk ratings cover political, financial and macroeconomic trends.  Composite risk forecasts provide combined estimates for one to five years.  Consult the Library’s Research Guide for the ICRG  for additional details