European Commission Launches Consultation on Open Research Data

The European Commission has scheduled a consultation with universities, data publishers and infrastructure specialists for the 2nd of July in Brussels, to prepare a “framework and encourage open access to research data in Horizon 2020, taking into account any restrictions that may be needed in order to protect intellectual property or legitimate commercial interests.” A background note was issued by the European Commission in December 2012.

EUI data community (beta) in new ZENODO research data repository

On 8 May, CERN and OpenAIRE launched a new one-stop research data store called ZENODO. The EUI Library has set up a data community (beta) in ZENODO in order to better understand the workflow and general features of the repository. Pending review, we will ask EUI scholars to consider ZENODO as a data preservation and platforming solution. Only data generated in the context of EUI research projects will be considered. For copyright and licensing reasons, datasets that are predominantly derived from licensed and restricted databases cannot be included. Further details are on this ZENODO page. Please sent feedback to Thomas Bourke.

Three New European Open Data Initiatives

Zenodo, a new repository for research data has been launched by OpenAIRE and CERN, with the support of the European Commission. The new Recode project has begun work on a strategy for open data in Europe. The EU Open Data Portal (beta) has been launched by the European Commission with partners Eurostat, the EC Joint Research Centre, DG Industry and other EU institutions. Feedback is welcome via this form. Visit the EUI Library data services page at this link.

Consultation on Research Data at the EUI

EUI scholars using research data are invited to give their views on a possible data-sharing repository. The repository would offer the following services: an online data-sharing resource; assigned descriptors for datasets; cross-referencing with the EUI publications’ repository Cadmus; quantitative and qualitative data deposit; long-term preservation. Those who are currently using and generating data – or who plan to do so in the future – are invited to give feedback via [email protected].

2012 Release of ECRI Database Now Available via the Library Data Portal

The European Credit Research Institute (ECRI) database on Lending to Households in Europe was updated to 2012 on Tuesday. The database includes a new analysis of the impact of the sovereign debt crisis on European credit markets. There will be two introductions to the Statistical Data Portal in the Library training room on Thursday, 13 September. Register with [email protected] for the 14:00 session, or the repeat session at 15:00.